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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is ActionCOACH?

ActionCOACH emerged as an overnight success in 1993 when ActionCOACH’s founderBrad Sugars began conducting seminars and workshops for business owners throughout Australia and New Zealand. For the first time, these business owners had access to hundreds of powerful, yet relatively simple and affordable business building strategies that led to dramatic improvements in sales, profits and lifestyle for the owners. Not only is the coaching system effective, it also generates a return on investment for the vast majority of our clients inside the first six months of coaching.

ActionCOACH made the decision to franchise in 1997 after four years of testing and measuring the best ways to get great results for business owner clients in the pilot business. The Global Support Office is in Las Vegas and the UK Support Office is in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. ActionCOACH is a full member of several international franchise associations and was the first organisation 100% focused on business coaching and training to enter the UK market back in 2001.

What is Business Coaching?

Since ActionCOACH pioneered Business Coaching in the early 1990’s, the term has become synonymous with performance and growth, and it is as focused on the business, its team, its processes and its sales and marketing as it is on the business owner. You see, business owners find it hard enough keeping pace with all the changes and customer demands to find the time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning and team management.

Our clients take their business experience, add it to our proprietary and copyrighted systems, and together through weekly conversations, and work with their Action Business Coach to financial and personal success.“My purpose is to create more choices and freedom for businesses by helping them develop a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without them. Personally, I think that you owe it to yourself and to everyone who depends on your business to get the highest and best results.”
Shweta Jhajharia, Franchise Partner since 2008

What do I do and what do I sell as an ActionCOACH?

Your role is to help business owners with their sales, marketing, management, team building, direction, goal setting and so much more. You will be their sounding board, confidant, trainer, mentor, consultant and coach. Or to phrase it another way, you will help business people to make their dreams come true, by using and following the proven ActionCOACH system. You do not have to be a business guru, you use the ActionCOACH system to coach your clients to do the work and the results will be forthcoming.

Products and services:

  • Alignment consultations from £995
  • 1-2-1 mentoring programmes from £995 per month
  • ActionCLUB group coaching from £300 per month for 12 months
  • Corporate Business Coaching from £500 per hour
  • PlanningCLUB from £2,000 per attendee
  • GrowthCLUB 90 days planning from £295 per attendee
  • MentorCLUB - from £375 a month per member
  • In-house training from £1,500 per day
  • Books, DVDs and CDs retail from £12 - £495

Our proven range of products and services is how you will earn your income. ActionCOACH’s flagship product is, the 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme, which will earn you at least £995+ VAT per month, per client. The Mentoring Programme involves conducting fortnightly or weekly sessions of approximately one hour with each of your clients over the phone or face-to-face and guiding them in the implementation of the specific strategies relative to their business.

Before a client comes on to the Mentoring Programme, you will conduct an Alignment Consultation with them and provide them with a comprehensive action plan for the first 12 months with you as their coach. The Alignment Consultation is a process of accurately identifying the business and personal goals of the business owners, and the most effective strategies to achieve those goals. You will charge a minimum fee of £995+ VAT for this consultation. This is paid in addition to the Mentoring Programme and will be repeated every year.

The majority of the other products and services listed are designed as an alternative to meet all budgets and the needs of businesses of all sizes and to provide you with add-on sales for existing coaching clients.

The in-house training programmes, for example, are packaged as one-day workshops and cover every function of business from marketing all the way through to customer service and team building. These training programmes are professionally presented and conducting them only requires the coach to act as a facilitator. If you’re having some difficulty grasping a complete understanding of how you will get the various ActionCOACH products and services to work for your clients, the best news is yet to come...

During your initial training, you will learn how to sell and deliver all the ActionCOACH products and services. You will have the option of assistance from your UK Support Team in getting your first few sales and ongoing you can tap into the exclusive Client Generation Centre at Chesterfield as much as you desire. They are on hand to provide meetings with qualified prospects in your target market, ongoing guidance with generating new clients and retaining your existing ones. More experienced Franchise Partners are supportive of you participating in their group coaching programmes and workshops so you can learn the ropes at your own pace.

“It amazes me every time I attend an event just what a talented and giving team we have at ActionCOACH.”
Marco Soares, Franchise Partner since 2010

Who should become an ActionCOACH?

We recognise that everyone is different and that when we first meet you we may well be giving you lots of ‘factual’ information for you to decide if this is something you feel excited about. However, we need to look under the surface to understand the ‘emotional’ reasons for you to consider ActionCOACH as a positive step in your life. We will therefore spend some time with you to discuss your suitability to become a Franchise Partner in detail. We will use the DISC behaviour assessment tool to help ascertain areas where you will need the most support and we will discuss the results of this with you. You must be honest and open with us about your plans and circumstances so that we can ascertain how successful you are likely to be with ActionCOACH.

Some of the non-negotiables we require are a:

  • Track record of success
  • Genuine interest in the business of business
  • Passion for helping people succeed
  • Desire to continue learning.

Why should I buy a franchise to become a Business Coach?

You’ll want an opportunity that provides you with a solid system and platform for entrepreneurial freedom … one that’s based on years of experience, proven systems and ongoing training. You’ll want to own a profitable and fulfilling business, yet you won’t want to “recreate the wheel.” Only a proven franchise will provide all this. In addition, ActionCOACH UK’s award winning support now includes generating leads for you and handling large parts of the sales process so you can concentrate on the fun, fee-earning stuff of helping your clients achieve their goals and dreams.

“It really helps to be part of a big and successful organisation. We have various conferences during the year and I am keen to attend them all if I can. The knowledge and experience gained from talking to other Action Business Coaches and the support provided by ActionCOACH as a franchisor really helps me not only to continue growing my business but also the businesses of my clients.”
Stephen Unwin, Franchise Partner since 2005

Why should I buy an ActionCOACH Franchise?

If you’re going to invest in your own business, you’d better make sure it has every chance of success … right? Why else would you want to go it alone, taking all the risks and facing an uncertain future? Smart people choose to go with the winners. Even smarter people choose franchises that not only give them every chance of surviving the first few years in business, but ones that maximize their chances of succeeding through having proven systems to support them every step along the way.

By choosing to buy an ActionCOACH franchise, you’ll be joining the World’s No. 1 Business Coaching Team. Not only that, you’ll become an integral member of the company that started the industry and the credibility that gives you from day 1! You’ll also have more than enough resources at your disposal to ensure your business booms from the word “go”.

That’s right … you’ll become one of hundreds of Action Business Coaches operating in 50 countries around the world. And they’ll all be there to help and encourage you every step along the way.“For me the real value of being an ActionCOACH Franchise Partner is in the tools I was given. There is a global network of coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience who are always available to help when needed.”
Peter Boolkah, Franchise Partner since 2005

How much do I need to invest up front?

There are four ways to join ActionCOACH:


An investment of £21k* covers your initial 5-day UK training and your investment in an ActionCOACH licence to market, sell and coach within your territory. Only the business coaching revenue streams are available to you, but the strength of those core products coupled with award-winning support mean that a five-figure monthly income is still guaranteed on award of this franchise - ask us about the Ts and Cs.


A work from home or office, single coach business. An investment of £41k* covers your initial training and your investment in an ActionCOACH licence to market, sell and coach within your territory. Only one coach per licence, so this opportunity isn’t scalable, but you would be looking at a six-figure income within the world’s number 1 business coaching team with full access to all of the intellectual property and support; marketing, selling and admin can still be delegated.


A professional team of coaches working from an office suite with training facilities and ‘almost too good to be true’ growth and profit possibilities. An investment of £61k* gets you all of the benefits of the ActionPRACTICE plus once the business is banking £20k+ per month, you will be gifted the right to employ a business coach and once they are banking over £10k you are gifted the right to take on a 3rd coach in your business.

* Figures stated net of VAT.

Employee Business Coach

You’ll need to be chosen by one of our most successful coaches to join their team and prove yourself at sales and marketing before you get to do the 7 days employee coach training in the UK; the investment is zero, but employed rewards reflect the fact that the business owner has made the investment and there are no further career progression opportunities from this point within ActionCOACH.

*Figures stated net of VAT.“Up to 70% of the total start-up costs, including working capital is available from NatWest, subject to an assessment of the Franchise Partner and their business plan.”
Mark Scott ACIB. QFP Director Franchise Development NatWest/RBS Franchise Team

What do I get for my money?

When you invest in the ActionCOACH system, you purchase the franchise rights to operate an ActionCOACH Business Coaching business. This provides you with the complete ActionCOACH system that covers sales, marketing, and coaching. You’ll also get your own personal success coach who will keep you on track, a global support group, and a network of other coaches with whom to share ideas, successes and experiences.

In short … you’ll be getting proven turn-key systems that have been developed and tested over the past 20 years.

How much cash will I need?

Your investment includes all of the learning materials you need to become successful in business and you’ll soon realise that the team around you is your most valuable asset. You should arrange to have access to working capital of £15k to £20k to fund the cash flow requirements of your business through the early stages, set up your office and communications and contribute to your living expenses in the start-up phase. Trial and error and buying customers are often the two most expensive costs in a business; with ActionCOACH, you get tried and tested processes and most of our Franchise Partners have a profitable business with just a handful of 1-2-1 mentoring clients.

What kind of initial training do I receive?

We will provide you with the tools and knowledge to dramatically improve your clients’ businesses and their lives. You will receive comprehensive training and support as soon as your franchise agreement is completed and you have decided on which initial 10 days’ training (ActionCOACH university) you will be attending.

Up to 4 weeks (15 – 35 hours) pre-training. A focused learning programme to ensure you get the most out of ActionCOACH university. Your support team will work with you to help you get your business set up and ready to make money. You’ll also have the opportunity to see experienced Franchise Partners delivering some of the products and services.

ActionCOACH university
During 10 intensive days you will experience a training programme like no other, and learn more than you ever thought possible in that time. And, if that isn’t enough, you will participate in numerous events and exercises that can have a profound effect on how you think and the results you achieve.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn at the ActionCOACH University:

  • How to use the 9 ActionCOACH business building systems
  • How to coach someone to an investment decision with the ActionCOACH sales system
  • How to deliver the alignment and coach business owners
  • ActionCOACH’s 344 sales, marketing and profit strategies
  • How to deliver ActionCOACH seminars and workshops
  • How to build a winning team
  • More personal growth than you can imagine.

What level of ongoing training do I get?

The initial 10-day training programme is world class and life changing, but that’s only the start…

  • 4 days of MasterCLASS training, Planning and training workshops every quarter
  • 1-2-1 coaching from your Coaches’ Coach
  • 2 or 3 days of conference every quarter
  • Weekly group coaching from your Skills Coach

You’ll get a full 1-2-1 induction when you’re back at base, we’ll invest in your own experienced business coach to coach you to £10k+ per month of bankings, you’ll have access to weekly group coaching with a coach who’s at the level you’re aspiring to achieve, we’ll meet up for regular Training and Social days, quarterly conferences with stunning speakers and we’ll invest in providing you with four days every two months of marketing, selling and coaching masterclasses. On top of that one of our points of culture is Teamwork, so you can anticipate fantastic support from our network of 1,000 business coaches around the world plus your own UK franchise partner support team is at the end of the phone for you.

“All of the material and training was world class and gave me ideal preparation for my business. I was particularity impressed that the trainers were all people who had enjoyed huge success in ActionCOACH and are still performing at a high level, so could speak from personal experience of what works. To date I have gained significantly from the ongoing coaching and training made available to me as an ActionCOACH Franchise Partner. The way ActionCOACH shares the knowledge its experienced and successful Franchise Partners have accumulated and the best practise acquired through client case studies is excellent; the ongoing training and coaching has made me a lot more knowledgeable and confident and that’s showing up in the results of my business.”
Jamie Goral, Franchise Partner since 2013

What does the Global Support Team in Las Vegas do?

Your ActionCOACH global support office team is responsible for the overall administration, direction, development and marketing of the network. Their role is also to provide initial and ongoing support to the UK support team and each one of their Franchise Partners. European and Global conferences each year provide world-class training to spring board you and your business to the next level. All of this and the following ensure that help is never very far away:

  • Videos on every aspect of building your business
  • Strategic Alliance building
  • Marketing co-ordination and development
  • New products and services
  • Information technology development
  • ActionCOACH university
  • Forums to help you work through your own and your clients’ challenges
  • CD of the month sharing our top performers’ ‘trade secrets’
  • Videos on every aspect of getting your clients a great return on their investment
  • Brad Sugars speaking Tours to raise awareness

“Verne Harnish, author of ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’, continued the trend of amazing speakers that Ian and Julie have brought into their conferences, extremely valuable for me and my business and my clients’ businesses.”
Rich Wainwright, Franchise Partner since 2008

So … how do I make money as an ActionCOACH?

Whilst your individual goals are specific to you, we know from our global statistics that if you achieve 5 meetings per week you are likely to sign at least one 1-2-1 mentoring client every month.
In fact, we have coaches in the team that are actually doing a lot better than this with ratios of up to 1:2 but let’s assume the 1:20 ratio for now and at a basic £1,000 per month level.

12 months = 12 x 1-2-1 mentoring clients each client = £1,000 per month

12 months = £12,000

Income – 12 x £12,000 = £144,000

Plus 12 alignments at £1,000 = £12,000

That’s £156,000 of income from one diagnostic meeting per working day for a year.

Seminars are just one of ActionCOACH’s tried and tested lead generating strategies to get clients and you will obviously want to utilise as many of these as possible in your business. Considering that you should be consistently aiming for at least one mentoring client from each seminar, plus converting clients from the other activities, you can realistically build up to and maintain a regular stream of 10 to 15 mentoring clients in your business on your own.

You’ll do well from your in-house training programmes and you’ll make a good margin on the ActionCOACH products you sell and if your ambition is to make the biggest difference possible to your local business community, you can build your own team of employed Action coaches. So what is the real ceiling on your income potential?

What rate of return do you want on your business investment? Would you settle for a miserly 50% per annum (this would be considered OK in most businesses) or do you expect more like 100%, 200% or even higher?

Keeping in mind that you can run this business from a home office, your overheads can be far less than many other consulting type businesses that require expensive offices just to keep up appearances. There is also only minimal cash tied up in stock and ActionCOACH clients pay in advance of delivery.

Whilst we obviously can’t and won’t try to predict what you will earn out of this business, suffice to say that once you have the ActionCOACH business up and running to potential you will be far more than just pleasantly surprised with the profits available to you.ActionCOACH is the only franchise company I’m aware of that offer a written guarantee that your investment is safe. I personally work with some directors who have an Action Coach and indeed I will be hiring one myself in the near future. When ActionCOACH say you can earn £50k a month as a Franchise Partner, I know it is true and not just hype.”
Michael Angel CEO, Plaza

Do I need a consulting or coaching background?

No, just a willingness to learn, a “can do” mindset, a passion for helping other people succeed and a willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful. Oh! And final thing, the recruitment directors will need to like you – we’re building an amazing team and we want to continue to work with people who are enjoyable to be around.

Who will be my target clients?

Your clients will be owners of businesses from a variety of industry sectors. Often their owners are holding their business back to the point of extinction. They have neither the time nor the ability and knowledge to implement the strategies that can transform their business and life. In fact, it would be hard to find a business that could not benefit in some way from ActionCOACH’s products and services.

Typically, however, our target businesses for the flagship 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme are those with a turnover in excess of £250,000. Most of our mentoring clients are looking to introduce systems that can generate or more profits in their business, free up more of their own time, or improve productivity from their team members.

We have found that many smaller businesses either do not have the financial resources to afford our 1-2-1 coaching services or are still in the development and establishment phase of their cycle. Therefore these businesses are more suited to our entry-level products like ActionCLUB group coaching.

Do you have the following types of businesses in your area?

  • accountants
  • caterers
  • courier services
  • hairdressers
  • hire services
  • manufacturers
  • motor traders
  • printers
  • architects
  • chiropractors
  • estate agents
  • hardware stores
  • information technology
  • mechanical repair
  • optometrists
  • restaurants
  • builders
  • cleaning services
  • florists
  • health and fitness centres
  • landscape and garden centres
  • fashion shops
  • pharmacies
  • wholesalers and distributors

We hope you have got the general idea. Chances are that a good mix of these and many other retail and service businesses will either be established or regularly starting up and closing down not far from where you live. With ActionCOACH you are free to operate anywhere within your territory... given that the coaching can be done via phone, Skype or webinar, even business owners based a couple of hours away can be highly profitable clients for you.

“I did a lot of research and also considered opening my own consultancy or business coaching business. I came across ActionCOACH and the concept really appealed to me. I knew it would take me a long time to build the level of intellectual property that ActionCOACH offered and their longevity and business culture really appealed to me. So, I decided to become an ActionCOACH and I would make that same decision all over again today.”
Nigel Jew, Franchise Partner since 2008

How will I get leads and sales?

We will teach you sales and marketing the ActionCOACH way. In fact, understanding how to use ActionCOACH 5 Ways Marketing Leverage Chart may well be the most powerful business secret you will ever learn. Just by improving the five key areas of a business by 10% you can add a massive 61% to the bottom line of a business. You’ll get to see how it works for yourself at your Discovery Day.You will also learn:

  • 73 ways to generate leads
  • 83 ways to convert leads
  • 68 ways to get customers back for repeat sales 53 ways to increase your average value sale
  • 67 ways to boost margins... and much more.

As an Action Coach you will have numerous lead generation strategies available for your coaching clients. Similarly, the ActionCOACH system contains many tried and tested client generation methods that you will put to use in this business.

Some of these are:

  • Exclusive client generation centre a dedicated team of marketers and sales people who can find your clients for you for less than 10% of the income from that client.
  • Direct mail: Highly targeted letters written by ActionCOACH’s copywriters.
  • Strategic alliances and host beneficiaries, you will find many opportunities to use the proven ActionCOACH system for setting up long-term alliances with centres of influence.
  • Seminars: ActionCOACH’s business re-educational seminar system is one of the most effective client generation methods used by our Franchise Partners.
  • Networking: Local business associations provide networking opportunities for Action Coaches to make important business contacts.
  • Press releases: Our Franchise Partners work with our UK Marketing Manager to implement an effective media strategy.
  • Cold calling: ActionCOACH has systemised this process and has developed effective phone and face-to-face scripts.
  • Referrals: Existing clients are a valuable referral source. Our system makes getting great referrals a probability rather than a possibility.
  • Brochures and flyers: Simple and effective for the right occasion.
  • Website and blog site: Your own ActionCOACH website and blog site, SEO optimised to attract leads.
  • Social networking: ActionCOACH keeps up-to-date with current and upcoming marketing methods e.g. LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook, etc.

“The ActionCOACH system has been tried and tested since 1993 and throughout the principles and methods have remained as robust as ever. Furthermore, in those years, the company has encountered and coached in different economic cycles, some of them testing, yet it has borne success after success whatever the market condition.”
Andrew Kureishy, Franchise Partner since 2008

Why will business owners hire me as a Business Coach … and is there any real competition?

Everyone knows, and accepts, that sport stars need coaches. Without them they simply wouldn’t succeed. So what is it about business people? Why don’t they, as a matter of course, have Business Coaches?

Well, times have changed. More and more business owners realise that in today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s no way they can stay abreast of developments, let alone keep ahead of them. For owners serious about success, the case for a Business Coach has become unassailable.

Furthermore, business owners find it all but impossible to receive objective answers from themselves. A Business Coach can see the forest and the trees. The Business Coach will make them focus harder on the job at hand, and will make them run more laps than they otherwise would. You see, a Business Coach will tell you what is going on in your business without getting emotional about it. A Business Coach will, in effect, be the business owner’s marketing manager, sales director, training co-coordinator, partner and friend… all rolled into one.

You see, more and more business owners are discovering that, while they might survive without a Business Coach, it’s all but impossible to thrive without one. So who then is our competition? We don’t have any really … except all the other Business Coaching individuals and firms that have recognised the potential of what we are doing and trying to copy us. None, however, have anything like the experience, reputation and resources available that we do.

Can I really get results with all types of clients?

Absolutely! You see, the key to change in any business is its owner … not you. The owner is the expert in the business, so by applying the ActionCOACH systems, you can make almost any business fly. Add to this the fact that within the global ActionCOACH team at least one of your fellow Business Coaches will have either worked with, worked in or even owned a business that’s the same or very similar to that of your client, you’ll begin to understand the effectiveness and value of the ActionCOACH system and network.

What are the keys to my success as a Business Coach?

A successful ActionCOACH is results driven, motivated and willing to follow the system. Business Coaches who lead the field around the world not only run a highly profitable business and have exceptional client relationships; they also contribute to the growth and development of the franchise worldwide.

Surveys show franchise partners succeed because of an eagerness to learn and a desire to help others; a willingness to work hard to get the momentum going; good people and relationship building skills; sales ability or a willingness to learn and apply sales systems; solid self-discipline and family support; an ability to take direction when needed and to read when necessary; having money in reserve and being willing to invest it; a willingness to take risks and to ask for help; being well organized and being a good planner.

Common reasons for failure include not following the system; not working hard enough or not doing enough marketing; going ahead despite family opposition; spending money on the good things in life earning it; not enjoying selling to other business people; not having the self-discipline to cope with the responsibility of owning a small business; being under-funded and misleading the franchisor on the amount of funds available.

“By month four I could take money out of the business to pay myself and by month 18 I had a very secure, stable coaching business. I was comfortably earning what I’d been earning at the height of my corporate career, and I was doing it on my terms, with no major commute.”
Roger Pemberton, Franchise Partner since 2007

Will this business work in my area?

The funny thing about business is that it doesn’t matter whether you sell paperclips or airplanes, one thing you can almost count on is that pretty much every business owner you talk to (wherever they live) will want more customers, more revenues and more profit … and those are the three things that they can’t change (not directly, anyway). And while every enterprise has a unique set of challenges, they all rely on customers, revenues and profits. And that’s where your services will be in hot demand. So in a nutshell – yes, this system will work in your area, simply because most of the challenges business owners face are indeed universal.

How many hours will I work?

About 2 hours per week per client - 1 hour coaching and 1 hour behind the scenes preparation work. About 25 hours per week initially for marketing, selling and gaining knowledge; however, a large percentage of your marketing and selling can be delegated to our exclusive UK client generation centre enabling you to increase your billable hours, profitability and enjoyment through helping more business owners.

Like all new entrepreneurial ventures, the first 12-18 months will be the hardest, not because of the amount of work you’ll do, but because the work will be different. The learning curve that our Franchise Partners go through is steep and challenging. As a new Franchise Partner, you’ll become a sponge soaking up information from every source, whether it is your support team members, other Action Business Coaches, books, seminars or personal experience. Plus, you’ll want to know more about everything ... which means you will be VERY busy.

There may well be a lack of balance in your life for the first few months as you learn to master marketing strategies like attending networking functions and running seminars, so you will need the full support of your family and friends. By the way, on top of the pre-training, it is important to your early success that you have your office set up ready and working before you go on training.

As you settle into your new business, you should be working around 2 hours per week per client with one hour spent coaching and the other doing behind the scenes preparation work.

“I was a single mother when I bought the franchise and would definitely buy it again because it is really flexible and I love what I do with a passion. I can’t think of anything else I would rather do. Helping and teaching others is something I am very passionate and enthusiastic about. It also provides me with great income and has significantly improved my work-life balance. I was recently treated for breast cancer and managed to keep my franchise going without my income being affected much.”
Jo Richings, Franchise Partner since 2008

What is my territory?

That depends where you want to base your office.  Typically you’ll get non-exclusive rights to market, sell and coach anywhere within a geographic area containing 100-300k businesses … however remember, this business becomes profitable with approximately just five clients, so most people avoid commuting and centre their business around their home.

What are the ongoing fees and royalties?

For an ActionPRIMARY licence, from month 4 there is a management fee of £2,100* or 25% of income per month and 5% of your revenue is pooled in a coaches’ marketing fund to enable you to promote your business in ways which might be a stretch on your own.

For an ActionPRACTICE licence, from month 4 there is a management fee of £1,800* per month and 5% of your revenue is pooled in a coaches’ marketing fund to enable you to promote your business in ways which might be a stretch on your own. Once your revenue exceeds £15k* in a month the marketing fund is capped and management fee switches to a percentage basis so you pay less the more you make.

For an ActionPREMIUM licence, from month 4 there is a management fee of £1,500* per month per coach and 5% of your revenue is pooled in a coaches’ marketing fund to enable you to promote your business in ways which might be a stretch on your own. Once your revenue exceeds £12k* in a month the marketing fund is capped and management fee switches to a percentage basis so you pay less the more you make.

*Figures stated net of VAT.

Are there guarantees?

Just as you’ll be able to guarantee that your clients get a Return on Investment as long as they do the work on their business that they commit to each week and use our proven systems, we’re able to do the same with your franchise investment.

Our business model is so established and successful, we guarantee, in writing, that if we award you an ActionCOACH licence, when you invest in enough marketing to get you in front of 6 qualified prospects for each of your first 6 months after your training and you use our UK sales process, you will achieve a £10,000 monthly income within your first 7 months of training with us. Higher income guarantees may be available for more ambitious Franchise Partners – please discuss your individual needs and desires with our Recruitment Directors.

So … how do I express interest?

We are just as diligent as you are in wanting to make sure the ActionCOACH opportunity is the right fit for you. Reviewing the ActionCOACH 6 minute overview video is the first step – click here:

The next step would then be a quick phone call with our Recruitment Director Julie, who will start to share more about this opportunity with you and the process where we can also find out whether you’re a great fit for our team.Thank you for your interest and congratulations on taking action today!