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Brad Sugars

Brad Sugars – entrepreneur, founder, business owner, mentor, inspiration and everything in between. Brad started his business coaching company in Brisbane Australia when he was in his twenties with an idea that would eventually change businesses and their practices for the better.

The ActionCOACH brand started off life as Action International and Brad's unique vision enabled the business to progress into the worlds' biggest business coaching franchise, now under the ActionCOACH brand known worldwide. Brad's natural passion for entrepreneurship and business success drove him to want to help businesses work smarter to achieve their dreams and goals.

Even before ActionCOACH, Brad Sugars was building and developing companies and it was this talent to turn businesses from many different sectors into a roaring success that gave Brad his nickname ''The Turnaround Kid' in his younger years. Brad Sugars made his first foray into business at age 15 and has owned over two dozen companies in many diverse areas ranging from ladies fashion to pizza manufacturing believing steadfast that fundamental smart management skills can be transferred across all sectors and geographical locations .

These early successes meant that Brad's talents were soon recognised by business owners and executives looking to improve their own business management techniques and soon he was asked to share his tips on areas such as marketing, sales and team building. Brad took little time in generating a huge following of business owners who enjoyed his 'pull no-punches' approach when it came to speaking and motivating the masses.

Brad's popularity as a speaker also became his downfall when he realised he would not be able to continue to service the demand he had created and this is where he initially thought up Action International.

After several years of success with Action International Brad again realised that demand was exceeding supply and this was where  the  franchise concept was born. This franchise concept promoted the notion of entrepreneurship further by allowing business coaches to own their own business and also enabled the ActionCOACH brand to become known worldwide expanding internationally.

Today ActionCOACH has more than 1,000 offices worldwide operating in 39 different countries helping around 15,000 businesses every week achieve their goals and dreams. Brad's vision eventually became reality and now he and ActionCOACH are helping businesses around the globe turn their visions into reality too.

Brad Sugars