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Mike McGuire

Introducing Mike McGuire, certified Business Coach with ActionCOACH and a Master Franchisee in the UK for ActionCOACH

What would you do to regain control of your life and spend more time with family and friends?

Mike has a passion for people and business. He has spent over 20 years working across a range of small, medium and large enterprises, training people to develop revenue growth and increased profitability.

Mike started his business life in manufacturing where, in his own words, he honed his interpersonal skills on the shop floor and in the offices. His entrepreneurial development journey continued with spells in sales, sale promotions and extensively in marketing working in two of the world’s business giants; Gillette and Procter & Gamble, rising to Divisional General Manager (MD) of a multi-country, 100+ people division within P&G, responsible for all functions and accountable for all results.

More recently Mike has used his knowledge and experience working as a business coach helping business managers to develop their skills and maximise their potential. Having worked both in the UK and across Europe he observes, “business principles are the same wherever you go-no matter how big or small the business or its location.”

Mike has a track record of accelerating revenue and profits. His exceptional results come through his skill in coaching and mentoring, to empower individuals and teams, to aim higher and achieve more. People who have worked with Mike speak of him as an excellent team leader who is inclusive and creative, giving people confidence and motivation, who has great integrity and inspires total loyalty, people want to be on Mike’s team.

As a coach Mike’s role is to teach business owners how to lead and develop their business more effectively. His aim is not to do it for them but to give them the tools to do it without him. His width of personal experience as a successful business all rounder, his accumulated wisdom and his willingness to share the practical and theoretical knowledge he has gained makes him a coach the highest order. Mike is an excellent communicator and his passion for sharing his knowledge is an inspiration to those he mentors.

Mike is also well accustomed to working with groups of people, both large and small. He frequently runs training days for his client companies, seminars for business people and workshops to teach and develop other business coaches.