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ActionCOACH hits 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction marks again!

November 26th, 2014

Business Growth Company, ActionCOACH, became the first franchise to receive “5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction” status for two consecutive years at the annual Best Franchise Conference, held in Milton Keynes on the 27th of November 2014.

The prestigious award, comes as a great achievement for the company in the midst of an exciting growth phase with a UK record number of business owners turning to ActionCOACH to help them take their business to the next level. Awareness grew last month as the Founder of The Business Coaching Profession, Brad Sugars, toured the country for 3 weeks speaking to over 4,000 UK business owners for 3 weeks straight and directly helped 170 lucky clients with up close and personal training sessions held in 10 locations across the UK. Reaction has been phenomenal:

"Brad Sugars' talk last night was the most inspiring & educational entrepreneurial talk I have ever been to in my life and I've heard Richard Branson & Alan Sugar talk.Wayne Bhagan, Owner of Deliver Me Drinks

Interestingly, it’s some of those business owner clients who look set to contribute to ActionCOACH’s next phase of business growth:

“In the two years we have worked with ActionCOACH, my company has gone from 5 employees to 40. We now have three offices in the UK and have increased our turnover from £2.4m in 2012 to be on course to turnover just over £10m in 2014. Our Net profits in 2012 were £56k, in 2014 this will exceed £500k. We now have a management team in place that means I am able to fully work “ON” my business rather than “IN” my business. I have been able to reduce my working hours in my business to 20-25 hours per week with the systems we now have in place. I have therefore decided to become an Action Business Coach. I am currently in the great education programme offered by Ian & Julie at the UK Support Office and from January 2015 I will be coaching clients in the same way Lucas Vigilante has expertly coached me and my business. I will be spending 2 days a week working as an Action Coach and the remainder of the week continuing on the path to develop my logistics business. Despite the returns, my reasons for becoming a coach are not money motivated. If I can help bring a fraction of the business success to local businesses that ActionCOACH has helped deliver at Estuary the personal reward will I am sure be immense.” James Circus, Owner of Estuary Logistics

Innovation in ActionCOACH’s business model make this a whole lot more likely that this will become the next logical step for more clients like James … this month’s cover story in Making Money Magazine reveals the exciting move to make the business opportunity more accessible and the five new revenue streams being launched

So what is ‘5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status’?

This is awarded to an elite group of franchisors that were rated above average by their franchisees across every key area that Smith & Henderson’s benchmarking programme measures, such as training and support for franchise partners, the franchise system, the quality of their relationships and general satisfaction.

David Williams, Director Franchising at RBS England & Wales said:

"The Best Franchise awards bring together some of the UK's finest franchisors and celebrates their success and the opportunities available for franchisees. With increasing numbers of new business start-ups following the franchise route it is vital for franchisors to make their business model stand out and set high standards for the implementation of the franchise."

Once more ActionCOACH’s overall satisfaction scores improved with notable highlights including:

  • 100% for the product and service
  • 99% for peer support
  • 96% for initial training and support
  • 96% for the proven system
  • 91% for non-financial rewards

ActionCOACH UK Co-founder, Ian Christelow, commented “To win the prestigious 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Award again as a result of our team’s positive ratings and comments makes everything we strive to achieve thoroughly worthwhile. ActionCOACH is a referral-based business and building a team of delighted franchise partners is and needs to stay front and centre of everything we do.”

Steven Frost, of Smith & Henderson, said; “With hundreds of franchisors all shouting about the quality of their support and franchise system, it’s difficult for prospective franchisees to determine what are the very best franchise opportunities. 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction will improve transparency across the industry and help outstanding franchisors like the one’s we’ve objectively recognised, stand out from the crowd.  It will help prospective franchisees to make better informed investment decisions.”

Julie Wagstaff, Recruitment Director at ActionCOACH, added, “What is so wonderful about the 5 Star Satisfaction Award is that it is the result of a confidential survey, so it shows an honest and transparent view of ActionCOACH from our Franchise Partners’ perspective To see our rating get even better validates all of our team’s efforts to make the business model even more rewarding for our franchise partners and clients.”