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ActionCOACH is the world’s number 1 business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 offices in 40 different countries including the UK.

BFA-approved model

Recognise any of these:

  • Frustrated with your career?
  • Missing out on important family times?
  • Had enough of “internal politics”?
Under constant threat of redundancy?
  • Wasting your life commuting?
Wanting to take control of your career and future financial security?
  • Just know you could and should be achieving more for yourself and family with your skills and know-how?

ActionCOACH UK is in a position to award two people a month with our leading business coaching franchise. Our coaches build a rewarding business by helping other business owners succeed. If you are the type of person who finds a way to get things done, loves helping people and has a passion for learning, this is the fastest route to freedom and fulfilment that any franchise owner can enjoy.

Our bfa-approved franchise model is based on tried and tested systems established since 1993 by Brad Sugars in Australia. It’s used on over 10,000 businesses every month with huge success worldwide.

This opportunity exists because tragically most business owners fail due to financial trouble or burnout, their hopes and dreams have been lost even though they were trying their hardest to succeed. You see, most business people excel at their trade or profession but that doesn’t mean they’re great at the ‘business of business’. That’s where ActionCOACH excels in helping business owners develop the business and life they dream of:

  • strong teams
  • operational mastery
  • powerful systems
  • unique marketing and selling.

Learn how to leverage

  • 73 ways to generate leads
  • 83 ways to convert leads
  • 68 ways to get customers back for repeat sales
  • 53 ways to increase your average value sale
  • 67 ways to boost margins...and much more

How the finances stack up

Our business model

ActionCOACH franchises are available as a single practice owner NOW including the right to take on 2 additional licensed Action coaches, so you can build your own team and treble your business’s capacity to deliver our profitable products and services, on the back of your own initial success. Scalability of your business can continue from there with an unlimited coaches practice, which we call a Firm.

If you meet the strict criteria to get into the world’s number 1 business coaching team, the basic entry level investment for our franchise is £27,000 and on that you can expect a six-figure income. Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the UK and some of our coaches have already achieved turnovers in excess of £70,000 per month and net operating profits of 70%. The reason they are so successful? Their main driver is to help other business owners succeed and their own business thrives as a result.

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