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Have you ever wondered what a Business Coach is or what a Business Coach could do for you?

February 28th, 2014

There’s a mounting trend which is taking over the nation and is becoming an essential in all businesses: The Business Coach. ActionCOACH is the world’s leading business coaching organisation, and is already home to over 100 business coaches throughout the UK and Ireland and growing at an extraordinary pace.

Unlike traditional business opportunities the ActionCOACH franchise has the initial business concept figured, we have been working on our business model for over 20 years and we now believe it has been tweaked, modified and updated into the perfect model for any business.

The NEED for a business coach in any business is becoming increasingly apparent, if you’re serious about reaching your optimum. High performers in any industry typically have some kind of coach or mentor, so why should business be different? A great coach should provide you with several benefits such as experience, knowledge and direction, but will also ask more questions to get more answers! Making the business owner really think about their business in ways which may not have necessarily been tried before. An expert adviser who can see your business from a different perspective.

Think about most business owners you know and the chances are they set up their business because they excelled at their trade or profession, but does that mean they excel at finance, systems, team building, selling, marketing, strategy and leadership? No. That's where ActionCOACH comes in and the partnership is irresistable. Since 1993, ActionCOACH has found out what works and what doesn't, in all walks of business, accumulating a toolbox full of over 3,500 successful strategies and tactics. Tens of thousands of business owners can testify the outcomes - increased profits, increased sustainability and healthier work:life balance.

Business coaching is on the rise all over the world and is now being recognised as a vital tool for any business leader. The business coach works towards driving enhanced performance and profitability; at ActionCOACH, our business coaches are able to guarantee their clients a return on investment from the service inside 6 months - as long as the client does the work they are advised to do!

According to leading business growth specialists at GrowthAccelerator, in the United Kingdom, 20% of SMEs are now using business coaching as part of their growth strategy. In one international study, 79% of medium and large businesses in the United Kingdom reported using coaching of some type to support their growth ambitions.

Our business coaches really do make it worthwhile to any business, by exceeding all expectations. All of our coaches are taught extensive and ongoing theory as well as having their own personal and practical experiences from a range of industry sectors, we know how much real life experience counts.

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