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ActionCOACH franchise opportunities in the business consultancy sector operating with over 150 franchise partners in the UK.

Why choose to start a franchise?

Franchise Opportunities - The facts

Many people looking to start their own business in the UK choose to buy a franchise for several reasons:

  • You avoid many of the pitfalls of starting your own business from scratch
  • You are given the operations manual to a proven business model
  • You have the benefits of being your own boss coupled with the support of a franchisor and your fellow franchisees

There are nearly 1,000 franchise opportunities available throughout the UK so how do you narrow this down to a list of franchises for sale that would be best suited to you?

Choosing the right franchise opportunity for you

Reviewing all the franchises for sale in the UK

Here are some questions to consider during your search for the right franchise opportunities for you:

  • Do your current set of skills match the basic requirements of running this franchise?
  • Does the franchise for sale offer you comprehensive and ongoing training to develop your skills and make your franchise opportunity the best success it can be?
  • How long has this franchise opportunity been operating successfully in the UK and even further afield?
  • How many franchisees do they currently have in their franchise network and how are they performing?

Is ActionCOACH the right franchise opportunity for me?

What makes us different?

At ActionCOACH, if you meet the strict criteria to get into the world's number 1 business coaching team, the basic entry level investment for our franchise is £27,000 and on that you can expect a six-figure income – not many franchises for sale can say that!

Here are just a few reasons why we think the ActionCOACH franchise opportunity is a great choice:

  • No previous formal experience in coaching is required but you will have coached others in your team to get great results
  • You’ll have access to over 3,500 strategies and tactics to assist in your day-to-day business coaching
  • You also have access to over 15 different products and services to deliver including our world-famous books and DVDs
  • We will provide hands-on support in acquiring new clients in your local market
  • The UK currently has a network of 150 Action coaches in an industry that is growing by 40% a year with some of our coaches achieving turnovers of £70,000 per month and a net operating profit of 70%.

ActionCOACH franchises for sale are available as a single practice owner including the right to take on 2 additional licensed Action coaches, so you can build your own team and treble your business’s capacity to deliver our profitable products and services, on the back of your own initial success. Scalability of your business can continue from there with an unlimited coaches practice, which we call a Firm.

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