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Helping every size of business, Nigel makes the executive decision

Nigel Jew

From small businesses to large multinationals, Nigel Jew truly has coached across the board. He joined ActionCOACH in April 2008 and operates his franchise in the South West of England.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Nigel was working in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. After having worked for household brands like Coco-Cola Enterprises and Matthew Clark for many years, he decided it was time to start his own business and so he also started to consider franchising.

Family time is very important to Nigel; he and his wife Sharon are raising their seven children together in their home in Gloucestershire. Nigel is also a keen sportsman and is always up for a game of squash or rugby. So, he was looking for a business opportunity that would allow him to benefit from his extensive business experience whilst also allowing for family time.

“I wanted to do something for myself and, with my previous experience, I knew I could help other businesses to develop their full potential. I did a lot of research and also considered opening my own consultancy or business coaching business. I came across ActionCOACH and the concept really appealed to me. I knew it would take me a long time to build the level of intellectual property that ActionCOACH offered and their longevity and business culture really appealed to me. So, I decided to become an ActionCOACH and I would make that same decision all over again today.”

ActionCOACH is the world’s number 1 business coaching franchise. Their unique approach to coaching has benefited business owners around the world, as most business people excel at their trade or profession but are not always so great at the ‘business of business’. As a result many business owners fail due to financial trouble or burnout, their hopes and dreams are lost even though they were trying their hardest to succeed. That’s where Action Business Coaches like Nigel come in. They help business owners develop great teams, strong finances, powerful systems, unique marketing and selling to give them the business and life they dream of.

Training and support are key to ActionCOACH’s success. Nigel was not only trained in how to best create a successful business model for his own business but was also taught the tools and systems he needed to make his clients’ businesses a success as well. As an Action Coach you receive ongoing support through regional, national and global conferences and, of course, a 1-2-1 Action Business Coach to help you succeed.

“The initial training and support was excellent. I have been with ActionCOACH for five years now and am still finding that the support has kept up with my experience. I receive as much support as I want and need, which really suits me. I go to the conferences ActionCOACH hosts and they are always amazing; truly inspirational and helpful.”

Nigel has continuously grown his business over the last 5 years and has made the most out of the skills, training and intellectual property that ActionCOACH has provided him with. As a result he has helped numerous businesses to reach their full potential and impressive growth margins.

“I am not only a business coach but also an executive coach. That means that I have coached over 70 small to medium-sized businesses but have also worked with large multinational organisations with turnovers of over £3bn, who are employing over 10,000 people in the UK.

“Most of my clients today come to me through strategic alliances and referrals and I am looking to continue growing the business in the future. I would also like to take on a couple of employed coaches, which the ActionCOACH business model allows.

“I would advise anyone who is looking for their first franchise to do your due diligence. Come at it like a proper business and make sure that the franchise you choose has a support structure that suits you and allows you to be successful. I would also advise you to be very real about the working capital you will need as you build your franchise business.”

Becoming an ActionCOACH franchise partner has proven to be a rewarding career move for Nigel and many others. You can help share your knowledge and, in fact, that of the whole franchise network to an even greater number of companies in need.