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Hotels started to feel like prison cells …

John Cottrell became an ActionCOACH franchise partner in December 2007 having spent over 7 years working all over the world for hba consulting and training teams to improve productivity in their businesses. John has many stories since he joined the world’s no. 1 business coaching firm but he has 3 main reasons why he chose to join ActionCOACH.


  1. Serving your local community

“Why I joined is really simple. I spent most of my time overseas to such an extent that my hotel rooms started to feel like prison cells. I thought to myself, if I’m so good at turning companies around then why don’t I turn around my own life? For me, that meant working from home and finding something that would allow me to do that.


“To be able to work from home, I knew I needed to connect with my local business community in Hertfordshire and ActionCOACH offered exactly what I needed with a global brand and systems already set up for me. As an ActionCOACH I work with business owners to make a real difference. We work on things like how to increase their profits, developing systems and also building a strong team.”


  1. A continual journey of learning

“I always loved to learn in my life before ActionCOACH. In fact, some people actually commented on my obvious thirst to learn. So it was great when I joined ActionCOACH and found a whole network of like-minded people actually encouraging me to learn more! Transferring that learning to my clients through group and 1-to-1 coaching sessions is supported by the ActionCOACH toolkit which includes over 3,500 strategies and tactics.


“Sometimes you don’t realise how making one change in your life, like changing your career, can have such a profound impact on other areas of your life. When my daughter was diagnosed with Leukaemia, I found that I had learned the mental skills to support my family through a really tough time and continue to run my business to support us financially too. The ActionCOACH toolkit helps us enormously with our clients on a day-to-day basis but I was surprised to see how it had transferred across so positively to my personal life.”


  1. The ActionCOACH community creates success

“ActionCOACH creates the community for you to achieve your goals. However you personally measure success, it is your’s to create and it has been a great journey for me. Each ActionCOACH has their own coach, we practise what we preach to our clients! We also have weekly videos from Brad Sugars, regular network get-togethers to share best practice and Masterclasses from top performing coaches.


“Of course, success breeds success and when my clients are feeling the impact of working on their business, rather than in their business, they continue with their coaching and recommend me to others in our community. I also like to reward their effort by taking them to our annual client conference, the Business Excellence Forum. Hearing about other people’s successes with ActionCOACH is just another way that the good news spreads and referrals come my way for more new clients.


“Over the last 8 years, I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to work with clients who have business operations all over the world but now I don’t have to follow those businesses to give them support in every office. My choice back in 2007 was to work from home and I haven’t had to be pulled away from that as ActionCOACH has franchise partners in 54 countries. So, I’m pleased to pass that work on to my colleagues knowing that they will receive the same ActionCOACH experience they have received from me in the UK.”


John has achieved his goal of working from home, has his dream car that even James Bond would be envious of and has a great income, so, what is he working on for the future? “My next big goal is to operate the business during parts of the year from a yacht!”


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