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Husband & wife team making the most of a rewarding opportunity

Chris Spratling and his wife Rachel met through work and have been married for 20 years. Working together wasn’t easy back then so what made Rachel give up a £100,000 a year job to start working with her husband again?

Chris starts the story, “Over the last six years I ran a consultancy business working with blue chip media, marketing, manufacturing and distribution businesses but I also helped a couple of local small businesses and that’s where things began to change for me.”

“I was invited to dinner to say thanks by one of my local clients and I sat next to a chap called Simon Buck, an Action Coach. I was really interested as he described what he did because it was close to what I had been experiencing with my smaller clients. I met with three other franchise owners to find out more and then went to the ActionCOACH UK support office for a discovery day – all within just a few weeks. I was convinced this was where I wanted my career to go and went on training five weeks later.

The transition
“It’s been an incredible journey over the last 12 months. I immediately started using ActionCOACH’s exclusive client generation centre and, when I had finished my training week, I had four business health checks booked with prospective clients. Each new franchise owner is given free one-to-one coaching from a master coach until they reach a good level of client income. I was assigned to master coach Ellis Bardsley and he helped me make that transition from consultant to coach. He helped me to understand the key to success was being authentic.

“In my first 10 months of operation I have accumulated 10 group coaching clients and 12 one-to-one coaching clients which brings in a monthly client income of £18,000. I set myself a year one target of £20,000 a month and I’m confident I will reach that. The impact that coaching can make excites me and that’s what gets me up in the morning – making a difference to a business owner’s health, wealth and happiness.”

So, where does Chris’s wife Rachel join this ActionCOACH journey? Rachel continues the story, “Ten years ago, when our two girls were very young, I left my job at the BBC but was tempted back into corporate life by a £100,000 salary. As a Client Services Director of a field marketing agency, looking after the Samsung mobile account, I was travelling 800 miles a week.

Going for it as a team
“Even while Chris was doing his due diligence, I could see how becoming an Action Coach would be ideal for me too. We discussed it and thought that it could be something I moved towards in a couple of years. I could stay in corporate life for our financial security while Chris was building up his ActionCOACH business. But, as we worked on our vision for the future, I realised that my lack of free time meant that only Chris could work towards it. So, we decided to go for it as a team and I joined ActionCOACH too.

“Leaving such a good salary behind was an initial worry but I made a commitment to this new team we had created, I would win 10 one-to-one coaching clients and bill £100,000 in my first year of trading. I began working as an Action Coach on 1st August and had a client by the end of that first week. On a personal level, I’ve had more time at home with the family and I get to walk the dogs in the morning instead of rushing out of the house.”

Chris thinks the future is bright for them, “We see ourselves doubling the size of the business year-on-year for the next three years. We’ll be great at keeping each other accountable and have certain strengths that we can play to. In fact, Rachel’s first client is a referral from me!”

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