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From Marketing Director to Business Guru

Andrew Kureishy

ActionCOACH Andrew Kureishy was a Sales and Marketing Director at Spicers, a major office products wholesaler, for over 6 years before becoming anActionCOACH franchisee in 2008, and his advice to anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a business coach is, “If you want to grow as a person, help others and have a great life, then give ActionCOACH a call.”.

Andrew has a proven ability to blend knowledge with accountability, generating real and valuable results for those he works with. Describing his role and what he can offer as he explains explains, “I help company owners plug the gap that exists between their industry expertise and knowledge of how to run an efficient business. Most clients I work with are great at their specialist area, but have no formal business background or qualifications, and it is this that prevents them from reaping the rewards they richly deserve. Having the opportunity to take companies from where they are to where they want to be is truly exciting and I want to share that experience with as many business owners as I can.”

Andrew believes that the ActionCOACH method is the best approach for this line of work. As well as lauding its uniqueness he backs it up by describing how, “The ActionCOACH system has been tried and tested for 19 years and throughout the principals and methods have remained as robust as ever. Furthermore, in those 19 years, the company has encountered and coached in, different economic cycles, some of them testing, yet it has borne success after success whatever the market condition.”

Andrew shares the ActionCOACH philosophy of using the coaching as a means to teach a client or business the methods by which they can do it themselves, realising that it isn’t his role to do everything himself for a business as that ultimately benefits neither party. This approach is one that can work for all businesses and sectors and Andrew himself has experience with start-ups businesses right up to companies with yearly turnovers in the millions. Whatever the size of business he is asked to coach Andrew is always adamant that, from the outset, he is able to show and prove to the client the exact return of investment that they could receive with his help.

One thing that Andrew would like to change is the commonly misplaced, external, perspective some people have about business coaching. Business coaching is still a ‘vogue’ term in the UK and Andrew wants to challenge the preconception that this level of coaching is only required by businesses that are failing. While it is true that some of the businesses Andrew is asked to coach have been failing, this is not the case with the majority of them. In these instances, Andrew likes to compare his role to that of a sports coach, in so much that even the top athletes, the ones winning gold medals and competing at the top level of their game, still have a coach around, to encourage them, and provide them with the knowledge and motivation to stay the best.

One of his clients puts their experience with Andrew down as one of the most liberating they have had, bar none, stating that, “A personal area of significant improvement is that of time management. This has been remarkably liberating: we no longer feel as if we are constantly “fire-fighting” and we feel far more in control of events. I have to say, that starting with you was one of the best and most profitable decisions I have ever made in business. You have transformed both the way I and also my team work, we are demonstrably better at achieving our goals and finding new ways to develop the business.”