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‘A coach in every business’

Andy Hemming

Andy Hemming, started life as a chartered accountant and absolutely hated it! He then spent several years working all over the world, for a large conglomerate, before moving to Beiersdorf, the home of Nivea. There, he worked in sales and marketing before switching departments to the brand strategy sector.

In the 8 years prior to joining ActionCOACH, Andy had successfully built businesses in the UK and Ireland. His experience was, and is, diverse, ranging from finance to sales and marketing. During his time as a marketing strategy advisor, one of his ideas added £4 million additional profit to the brand. He has also worked in a wide range of industry sectors, from small companies to major enterprises.

“I have always seen myself as a coach, both in my management life and out of work activities. I’d also always wanted my own business so as I started to find out more about ActionCOACH, and the business coaching market place, I soon realised that it fitted perfectly with my own core values, which made theActionCOACH route right for me, as being a great investment in my future.

Andy says; “I think that it is an immense pleasure to be able to help someone from point A to point B. Add this to the prospect of continual learning and development and it’s certainly a wonderfully exciting place to be. Therefore in July 2007, I felt that it was ‘time for Action’.

“I found the initial training to be great, and unlike anything that I had ever experienced before, and that was in a good sense! Following the training there was a vast amount of support available, as much as I would ever need.”

Andy has always been passionate about coaching, from sports to scouting, to his management style throughout his business career – he has always believed in challenging people to maximise their potential, and holding them accountable to do so.

Andy continues the story: “When I started the business the first thing that I did was make the conscious decision to reserve a significant amount of time to spend with my two young children. I now have a fabulous bunch of clients and they stay a long time. I have a couple who are over three years into their coaching programme, a few over two years, a couple approaching two and, of course, some new clients.

I honestly believe that keeping my clients is a measure of my success in itself and proof that the ActionCOACH system works!

Andy now works just three days a week but from that he earns a very healthy six-figure income. Andy invests time and energy to build relationships based on trust, integrity and respect. His empathetic approach ensures a healthy balance between business and personal success. Andy also consistently pushes his boundaries and takes himself outside his comfort zone to build confidence which he transfers to his clients – from mountain climbing to fire-walking to public speaking.

Not only does Andy help business owners achieve their goals through his coaching practice, he also is heavily involved in the community – a school governor and active charity fundraiser.

All of his clients sing his praises appreciating, as they do, the noticeable beneficial difference he has made to their businesses, and their lives. For Andy to witness peoples outlook and grasp on their businesses totally change for the better is reward enough, but knowing that they now have increased confidence in their own abilities, and have renewed enthusiasm for the challenges ahead makes it all the more worthwhile.

Andy is not one to crow about his achievements, but it is obvious that he gets a warm glow from knowing that he has helped his clients to forge clear and distinctive visions for their companies.

Andy feels that he must conclude by saying “What a brilliant opportunity ActionCOACH has been for me, and I would recommend them to anybody. Through ActionCOACH I have gained control of my own destiny, and by committing to the programme, I have guaranteed my self-improvement. I have learned more in the past four years than in the entirety of my corporate days. I now only work with people that I like and have a lot more time for myself and my passion is spending time with my wife Kate, and our two young boys, Olly and Alex. Together, we have a passion for fun!”