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Simon picks up the pace with ActionCOACH

Simon Buck

Simon Buck has been successfully operating his Bristol territory since June 2011. After the realisation that his previous managerial roles lacked the tempo he desired, he looked to ActionCOACH for a new route to success.

Simon is married and has three children. A keen sportsman, he enjoys keeping fit and healthy with a variety of outdoor activities including athletics, cycling and even a spot of kayaking!

After graduating from college, Simon originally worked and trained as a packaging designer with Mead Packaging, working his way up through the company to Carton Design Manager. He then went into marketing before progressing to Key Account Manager for the firm. From there, Simon chose to utilise his now well-honed marketing skills and moved to integrated marketing communications company Bezier as an Account Director, quickly moving up to Business Unit Director. However, despite his success, Simon soon came to realise he wanted more.

“I became disillusioned with the slow pace of things in my last role. I wanted more of a challenge and to really make a difference and that’s where ActionCOACH came in.”

In September 2009, Simon took on the role of Business Development Manager (BDM) to an existing ActionCOACH franchise partner operating their territory in the South West. It was whilst in this role that the idea of becoming an ActionCOACH franchise partner himself first struck Simon.

“I had always been aware of the concept of franchising but up until working as a BDM for ActionCOACH, I hadn’t ever really considered it as an option for me personally. In the 18 months that I was in that role, I got to see the benefits before making a commitment. The idea of being able to buy an intellectual property really appealed to me as I felt it would be much easier than starting out on my own and having to build a name for myself. I had originally considered setting up my own design agency but I much preferred the idea of being part of a community and having the support of the network behind me.”

“Working with an existing franchise partner also gave me a lot of insight into the business opportunity itself. I got to see the support network available to the franchise partners in practice on a daily basis as well as the systemised approach to operating a territory. The most obvious factors I already knew, the business had a good track record and it was easy to measure the return on investment for clients.”

ActionCOACH is the world’s number 1 coaching franchise. Our unique approach to coaching has benefited business owners around the world. The end result being more time, better teams within their companies and, most importantly, more profit. Becoming an ActionCOACH franchise partner has proven to be a rewarding career move for many. You can help share your knowledge and, in fact, that of the whole franchise network to an even greater number of companies in need.

It took Simon just 4 months from considering the franchise to investing in his own ActionCOACH business. At that point, the fast-paced and dynamic career he had been hoping for was kick-started with a trip to Brisbane, Australia for his initial training.

At ActionCOACH, training and support are a key focus. Simon was not only trained in how to best create a successful business model for his own business but was also taught the tools and systems he needed to make his clients’ businesses a success as well. ActionCOACH also provides ongoing support through regional, national and global conferences and, of course, a 1-2-1 Action Business Coach to help you succeed. Simon also still works closely with his former boss and now fellow ActionCOACH.

“The only advice I would give to someone considering the franchise is that you have to be prepared to work hard in order to develop your business through sales and marketing but if you’re willing to do that, there’s no reason why you won’t be a success. I would definitely make the decision to become an Action Business Coach again, I have absolutely no regrets. It has been a very worthwhile investment for me.”