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7 years strong for ActionCOACH Franchise Partner

Stephen Unwin

Stephen Unwin joined ActionCOACH in 2005 and has now been successfully operating his East Anglia territory for more than seven years. Here he reviews why he has chosen to extend his franchise term for another seven years.

“I took a degree in Land Management and worked for property advisors and consultants for nearly ten years, mainly in central London and working in the commercial property investment market. In 1985, I moved out of London to become a director of Copella Fruit Juices, which was a subsidiary of my wife’s family fruit growing business. I was Managing Director of the company through a period of rapid growth in the 1990’s which led to a sale of the business to Tropicana, a division of PepsiCo, the leading producer and marketer of branded fruit juices. Soon after Tropicana acquired Copella in 1998, I bought back Cawston Press, a division of Copella Fruit Juices, of which I am still the Managing Director. I also now own a small property development company.”

Stephen is married and has two children. He enjoys spending time with his family and also likes to spend his free time playing tennis, golf and travelling. After successfully acquiring Cawston Press and establishing the business as a separate enterprise, Stephen had the time and interest to look at utilising his experience and skills to help other business owners.

“I first became aware of ActionCOACH through a friend who described his work as a Business Coach and recommended it to me. He advised me to speak to Ian Christelow, ActionCOACH’s UK Managing Director. After I talked to Ian I had a really clear picture and understanding of what ActionCOACH does and what being an ActionCOACH would mean for me. I have always been a keen sportsman and had been involved in growing and developing a number of small businesses, so the concept and value of having a business coach really resonated with me.”

Most businesses excel at their trade or profession, but that unfortunately doesn’t mean that they’re great at the ‘business of business’. In reality less than 10% of businesses survive the first 10 years of operation. ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 offices in 40 countries and thrives by helping business owners achieve their goals.

Founded in 1993 in Australia by Brad Sugars and established in the UK in 2001, ActionCOACH’s business coaching is based on tried and tested systems that increase profit, improve time management and create better performing teams.

Due to the large number of businesses looking to go to the next level, ActionCOACH follows an exponential growth pattern and their systems are being used on over 10,000 businesses every month with huge success worldwide. The Action system facilitates business growth as well as enabling business owners to have the business and life balance they have always dreamed of. This soon convinced Stephen that ActionCOACH was the right franchise for him.

“It took me about two months to make the final decision to become an Action Business Coach. During this time I spoke to other ActionCOACH franchisees and that reassured me that being an Action Coach would be ideally suited to me.”

At ActionCOACH, training and support are a key focus. Stephen was not only trained in how to best create a successful business model for his own business, but was also taught the tools and systems he needed to make his clients’ businesses a success as well. Stephen travelled to Las Vegas for 10 days for his initial training, which he really enjoyed. ActionCOACH also provide ongoing support through regional, national and global conferences and of course a 1-2-1 Action Business Coach to help you succeed.

“It really helps to be part of a big and successful organisation. We have various conferences during the year and I am keen to attend them all if I can. The knowledge and experience gained from talking to other Action Business Coaches and the support provided by ActionCOACH as a franchisor really helps me not only to continue growing my business but also the businesses of my clients.”

“I would definitely make the decision to become an Action Business Coach again. In fact, I have done just that this year as I renewed my ActionCOACH franchise agreement. I am very excited that I will be able to continue being an Action Coach for a second term. I really want to continue my work as an Action Coach and to continue helping my clients with their businesses, whilst also growing my juice business and property company over the next few years.”

“My advice to anyone that is looking to buy into a franchise is to do your own research and be thorough in the due diligence process. The key is to ask yourself why is coaching of interest? I believe the decision should not be about money, but about the genuine interest and desire to help business owners to be successful and happy and to enable them to achieve the highest results that they are capable of. You have to be prepared to work hard, because no business will be a success if you are not prepared to put the time and effort into it at the start.”