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Turning her own business around ignited Tanya’s passion for business coaching

After returning from two years of backpacking around Australasia, Tanya and her husband Scott, decided to start their own upholstery business, Hill Upholstery. Tanya’s background was fashion design where she trained and worked as a children’s wear designer for Tammy Girl. Scott had worked for one business for 35 years, but this had ceased trading during his travels.

They decided to start their upholstery company because they thought owning a business would bring in more money, more holidays and more control. But they soon began to realise how wrong they were. Tanya was working 14 hour shifts handling all areas of the business from sewing, bookkeeping and VAT returns, invoices, quotes, the list goes on. Instead of having a team who could look after the business when they went on holiday, they only had one apprentice and so they had to close the store whenever they wanted time off. Six years into the business Tanya started a parent and toddler group called Playaway, on top of running the business, just to earn enough money to sustain a basic lifestyle.

At this stage, Tanya confesses, “I didn’t even know what a break even or profit and loss was. The worst thing about all of this was that my children were brought up in the corner of a cold workshop. Four years ago I had enough and had hit rock bottom, so I took up an invitation to go to an ActionCOACH 6 Steps seminar. It was as though they were talking about us and I knew I needed to change and I think that was key, you have to be ready or it doesn’t work. It made me realise that running a business is a whole different ball game!”

Going to the 6 Steps seminar saved Tanya’s business, it helped clarify her company objectives and helped to start producing consistent profits. From there she decided to join the local group coaching ActionCLUB to learn best business practices and how to grow revenues and profits. After 6 months, Tanya then graduated from group coaching to one-to-one coaching.

“It took a while to convince Scott as he is old school and was convinced we were joining a cult! I handed over around £4,000 for ActionCLUB. It was every penny we had and I remember drawing it out of our account and crying as I walked across the town to put it in our business account because it was a massive leap of faith. I loved ActionCLUB and found that I loved the 'business side' of our business. ActionCLUB showed us that there was a different way,” says Tanya.

“It has been a hard journey, with lots of ups and downs and lots of days of wanting to give up but we have come so far.” Tanya’s business now has expanded from a team of three to a team of eight and they have also taken on another workshop space. Playaway is still in business and is currently on its third owner.

“We have been on such a journey. We have gone from knowing literally nothing about running a business, to being systemised to within an inch of our lives. We have a marketing plan, default diaries, organisation charts, budgets and targets, weekly reports and meetings. We look at our 5 Ways chart weekly which helps us work on improving our profits. We know where our money does and doesn’t come from, our average sale, who our grade A clients are... need I go on?”

“In basic terms, the business now runs day to day without me which has given me the freedom to go off and become ... an ActionCOACH! Something that I couldn’t have even dreamt about four years ago. I sat with a life coach and we put a plan together using 'desired state, present state' concept and I went to work. Within three months I had hired a new me to take on my role in Hill Upholsters and with six months I signed on the dotted line to buy my own ActionCOACH franchise! I get to help other business owners take control and I see the spark come back in their eyes.”

“I think the book 'The Slight Edge' sums it up - the difference between success and failure is subtle, it is the decisions every day that are easy to do but just as easy not to do. When you don’t do them there is no consequences the next day and if you do do them there is no reward - it is the long term compound effect where it has the biggest impact. No-one gets up one morning as a success or failure, it was a long journey that you didn’t notice was happening. My Job as a coach is to make sure that my amazing clients stay on the right path so they can have the life they deserve.”

“I want clients to achieve their dreams in the most time efficient route possible as TIME is our most precious gift. I believe personal life and business are very entwined and both should be fun. I understand how important it is to show business owners there is another way and with the right discipline, guidance and accountability you can achieve great things. I am not in this for the glory or awards, I am in it so I can give other people the chance that we got.”

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